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It’s hard for me to imagine, in the age of instant information, what it would be like to see one of Felice Beato’s photographs in 1850s and 60s. The images he captured in the Mediterranean, Japan, China (where he was the first photographer, ever), India, Burma and the Crimea would

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via Lazerhorse Yōkai are a group of supernatural Japanese monsters, kind of similar to our notion of ghosts. The kanji (or symbol) that describes the Yōkai is made up of two other symbols meaning “bewitching; attractive; calamity” and “apparition; mystery; suspicious”. Sounds good already doesn’t it? The Yōkai have a

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I have just watched the weirdest movie I have seen all week, called BAD BUTT aka Silent Terror. This bugged out film comes from my favorite country, Japan…Sit and enjoy this freakadelic short film…It should be said that this is NSFW!

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Now this is freaking intense – we are showing the G.I.S.M documentary called Subj & Egos, Chopped – if you are fan of the band, it’s a must see!!! Subj & Egos, chopped gives a nice overview of the bands history, from the days at the infamous Shinjuku loft (Tokio)

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It cracks me up when I see an actor or celebrity who has gotten themselves fixed up with a giant set of horse teeth in order to have “perfect” teeth.” Do they really not notice how their mouth gapes open? How ridiculous their fake teeth look? I guess not. In

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Sion Sono’s work is a great introduction to Japanese cinema for those who had no previous contact with it – indeed, hard to believe as it is, there are people in this world who never heard of masterpiece movies such as “Ran” or “Throne in Blood“. Some of them haven’t

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