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I’m not really sure when Aaron Turner sleeps, considering this man has been involved in a number of projects spread across the board over the last decade and some odd years. Sumac finds him in collaboration with Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn for the release of their first album The Deal, brought forth by the ever consistent label Profound Lore.

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ABEST from Northern Germany are creating a very dark and compelling emotional atmosphere with their deranged mix of atmospheric Post-Metal and negative Hardcore. Formed in late 2011, they released their demo in March 2012, followed by a split 7″ with the Irish crust-outfit Absolutist in September 2013. The new full-length

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Ah, “supergroups.” How hit and miss they can be. What’s that old saying? Too many cooks spoil the broth. It can certainly be the case when a team of esteemed musicians from different avenues congregate on the one square for a new band. Often the hype and hyperbole around the

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Is it possible to stop Njiqahdda? They are a band that are so inhumanly prolific that they could almost give the likes of Nadja or Justin Broadrick a run for their money but what is so inspiring about the mysterious Illinois-based duo is the trajectory of consistency they maintain with

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