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Just like clockwork… at least more or less. Every couple of years, a new Ides of Gemini full-length comes along, and given the schedule, it was about time for the band to release the follow-up to Old World, New Wave. During the wait, there have been a few changes for

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IDES OF GEMINI is a band that has been close to our hearts since the beginning of CVLT Nation. They are amazing people creating breathtaking music, so we were overjoyed when we heard that they had a new LP in the works with Rise Above Records entitled Women. We’ve been

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Words by Adam Murray / Photos by Diana Lungu Satanic Hispanics. Stoners. Beard & Beer bros. Veteranos. Mystics. Maniaxe. Grinders. They were all there on Dia de Los Metaleros. Downtown L.A. smelled like syrupy piss and the clouds hung low over the Regent Theatre. The 2nd edition of the Show Your

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Ides of Gemini have just released a limited run of 7″ vinyl EP entitled Carthage for Record Store Day 2015 on clear vinyl and black vinyl via Magic Bullet Records. You can pre-order your copy here, which I think you’ll jump at the chance to do after you listen to

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Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXLVI Ides of Gemini is live right now! Their new album Old World New Wave just hit the streets (read more here), so check out the music that Ides of Gemini find inspirational!  As with the last Sonic Cathedrals mixtape we did for CVLT Nation, the connecting theme

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Banner image Michelle Pullman Hi guys! First of all, thanks for finding the time to do this interview, it is much appreciated! So would you like to introduce the band? Ides Of Gemini, meet Cvlt Nation. Cvlt Nation, meet Ides Of Gemini: Miss Sera Timms on bass and vocals, Mrs. Kelly

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