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As you well know, this has been the Summer of Thou.  Three EPs, a full-length and a split still on the way, their already prolific catalog has expanded with, arguably, their best work to date. In lieu of a long introduction, since this interview is lengthy and was difficult to

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In October this year, Oddhums released their debut EP, The Inception. The band from Spain is brand new, and its first steps in the scene are very promising indeed. In essence, what the band is doing is creating their own a blend of some popular metal sub-divisions during the ’90s

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Iceland’s Muck proves hardcore can be many things. It was not until Jacob Bannon screamed at me in 1997 that I was calling it my right, while he was calling it my weakness, that I accepted hardcore as anything that did not sound like The Age of Quarrel. Fast forward

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The rowdy trio of Washington punks known as Soggy Creep put out their Worry Lines ep last month. They are much closer to Criminal Code than Bone Sickness, emotional volatile without being aggressive. It resonates with Bleach-era as much as it does In the Flat Field; in fact, even strains

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Are you throwing a party in the near future?  Is the theme of your party something along the lines of “lets all sit in a dark room and be weird together?”  It is!!??  That’s great news, because I found the perfect band to play in that type of environment!!!!  Empty

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