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Shout out to my brother Johnny, who gave me one of the raddest books in my collection – The Mammoth Book of Skulls. How could he go wrong, it has both “mammoth” and “skulls” in the title; he knows me well. Anyway, it’s a great source of inspiration for what

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Due to it’s incestuous relationship with with the sub-culture that has now become known as “hipster,” Indie Rock has become a bad word. It brings to mind college kids who pretentiously try to make music with no pretense, but most probably listened to pop punk in high school, as they

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My 3 year old is getting to the age where she wants explanations – about life, about earth, about the universe. I told her that each human being is its own universe, that little life lives inside us and outside of us, off of us and with us. Surprisingly, she

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