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It can be hard to define funeral doom metal when one of its distinct qualities is the shear feeling that it pulls forth. It could be said that while depressive black metal is an ode to profound suffering, funeral doom is an ode to the profound emptiness that follows. While

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The passing of a loved one defines life for most human beings. How we celebrate and/or mourn that passing defines a culture. In the 19th century, death was a solemn affair that society obsessed over, rife with superstition and replete with traditions that must be followed in order to ensure the

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From an old tomb in Aachen, Germany, comes our latest subject of scrutiny: a band called Grimoire de Occulte and their 2012 Rehearsal cassette. Grimoire de Occulte play their own style of doom/death – very ritualistic. Don’t ever expect blastbeats on this album, because these two tracks march to oblivion

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