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Check out this sick moment in Black Metal history – BEHEMOTH straight killing shit in 1996 in Paris. We are going to allow this video to do the rest of the talking!    

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What time is? It’s time to check out the new new WITCHCRAFT Decks and they look way beyond filthy as usual. This go around, the art was created by Paul Parker, French, Murdoch Stafford and Swampy, as well as the reworked OG Goatwitch graphic on both the standard shape and

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Dissonant buzzsaw guitar that manages to be hypnotically soothing and psychotically unnerving at the same time is the first thing you hear on ‘Exil’, the first track on Ottawa post-punkers Aube‘s new demo, and it’s a perfect indicator for the mess of contradictions that is the record to follow. Screeching,

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