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DÉLUGE became one of the most exciting upcoming bands in French black metal in late 2014 through the release their first EP Mélas | Khōlé. This fall they come back on Les Acteurs de l’Ombre (see our Spotlight article) with a full-length called Æther that I had the privilege to

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“This means war.” I’ve always found that line to be classy as hell and a great catchphrase, though I never had the occasion to use it properly until now. Let me take you back to a few days prior: I’m sitting in a chair, trying to wrap my mind around

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French project Paramnesia may not be a name on the lips of every black metal fan just yet, but their sound is one that is much loved the world over and their full length debut is sure to push them into the minds of fans of the Cascadian sound championed

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