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Some of you may remember when Serpents Lair was featured on CVLT Nation after the release of their Demo MMXIV. The demo, comprised of two songs, features a lengthy runtime without having convoluted arrangements meant to sound epic. The songs don’t sound like they range from six to eight minutes, but in fact sound just like raw black metal played with a much shorter runtime.

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Xothist don’t just add layers of white noise to their tremolo riffs – the riffs sound like a cheese grater is being used to tremolo pick the strings. Their album Simulacrum is a dense wall of sound.

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The album cover for Among the Ranks of the Unconquerable is a visual description as to what you are in for with this Death Fortress album, the very skeletal surroundings signifying that death metal is about to be afoot. This is most straight up metal album I’ve heard from Fallen

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There are a ton of bleak new black metal projects being spewed from the icy maw Fallen Empire Records, Aureole‘s “Alunar” is the first of them to wedge itself into my head. This dismal gem dropped back in September and is not unlike the bulk of Fallen Empire’s roster. Aureole

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Words can be powerful things. The word used here to describe Skáphe’s music is ‘asphyxiating’, and they use it before I even get the chance to, predominantly because an invisible entity suddenly lunges at my throat and claws incessantly, preventing the flow of air through some unknown means. Is it

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