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Caligari Records has been a consistent presence on these pages, and for good reason, because this label puts out quality darkness on a regular basis. Today we’re lucky to be able to share the mixtape Caligari made for our 7th anniversary. Stream and download below!   Download the mixtape in

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TEN – WORSEN // WHITEWURM Every day I search the underground for music that is not only going to move me, but also you, our readers. The new split between WORSEN // WHITEWURM does that on all levels. Both bands have created Black Metal hymns that reek of pain and

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Caligari Records is releasing this hypnotizing album by a Scottish Band called Ellorsith. 1959 tells the story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident. A true story, involving the mysterious deaths of nine hikers led by Igor Dyatlov into the Ural Mountains of Russia. These deaths were attributed to “a compelling natural force”.

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