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This band just slipped me by, and it was not until the release of Aseethe’s newest EP, Nothing Left, Nothing Gained that I found out about them. This drone/doom powerhouse has been going for a while, starting off their career by releasing splits with other obscure acts, such as Shores of

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I’m keyed up to present you the exclusive streaming of the brand new HaiKai No Ku album, “Ultra High Dimensionality”, here on CVLT Nation. The record springs from the spoors of last year’s remarkable “Sick On My Journey” and “No Blue Sky” before that. Production-wise, and unlike the past efforts,

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Like it or not, experimental metal exists, and there are bands with no interest in changing their approach to music in order to become what others want them to be. It gets even more frustrating for labels to see some of these acts like Bongripper grow, and not simply stop.

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Drone doom has a history of pioneering bands drastically changing the concepts and pre-supposed definitions of it, and that includes both well-known acts such as Earth and more obscure ones like They Yearn For What They Fear. There is a refreshing element in almost all bands in that cycle that

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To rifle through the newly published music for a slab of psychedelic rock today is to ‘most likely’ run across some either terrible indie rock bands or some generic, radio-friendly stoner rock. Why ‘most likely’? Because if you happen to know Mike Vest, the case is gonna be different. Way

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