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Finishing out this decade, we’ve felt like we’re wading through sludge many times. The music on this list is part of what’s gotten us through the mire and ready to face a new decade! For all you sludge heads, make sure you’re supporting these bands by purchasing their music from

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TEN – Deveikuth VII​-​π​-​III The amount of power and drone-tastic guitar tones that comes from this band’s amps is reminiscent of the almighty Sunn O))). I understand that making that claim is potentially controversial, but one listen to Deveikuth and any drone metal fan will see the similarities. Deveikuth is basically what

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Have you ever pondered what the ultimate funeral soundtrack would be? If you’re like me, then the answer to that question should be “of course I have, next question.” Unfortunately, most people in this sad world have never sat down at their computer, drank a bottle of Night Train (that’s

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