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Funeste’s debut EP was released less than two months ago, and in that time the band has received an unheard-of amount of press, via Robex Lundgren, Tape Wyrm, Forever Slain Zine, and Invisible Oranges. In fact, you may have caught wind of the Montreal duo on CVLT Nation earlier this

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Most peeps don’t greet the early morning with some of this music. By this, I mean Hurricane Death’s first demo. Grindcore, hardcore, punk and death metal in a cage match, this demo sends the walls echoing with reverb at the end of each song. The hardcore stomp is heavy as

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I feel sick inside! I feel like the whole world is a giant skid row! I feel like all of the good in the universe died once I pressed play on the new FISTULA demo entitled Destitute. These sleazy fucking dealers of sludge are at it again and would love

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Damn, this new TOLAR demo is so fucking good I’m almost at a freaking loss for words! If you are warrior for fast music, then this demo is right up your dirty alley…These Texans wreck shop from the moment you press play. We are streaming the demo in full below,

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Relapse Records is getting ready to reissue Rwake’s first demo, XENOGLOSSALGIA: The Last Stage of Awareness, originally released in 1998. This release is fully remastered by Brad Boatright and includes 3D cover art and 3D glasses, which I can only imagine makes the trip through their punishing sound more terrifying!

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Label: CALIGARI RECORDS Robert Fludd, a well-known English physician, who was also an investigator of the occult, had issues defining the term “the Hyle”. The word of Greek origin refers to matter, and it is where this doom band takes its name from. The act from Denmark has a definite attraction

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