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2014’s Prophetic Oration of Self caught the ears of Dark Descent Records boss Matt Calvert, prompting him to release Ghoulgotha’s first full-length album early this year. Prophetic Oration of Self was just a teaser into what this band is capable of. Enter The Deathmass Cloak, Ghoulgotha’s best work thus far.

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Tenebrous Towers helped put Desolate Shrine on the map, the band getting signed by underground force five tornado of underground labels Dark Descent Records for its next two releases. This is no coincidence, no oversight of Dark Descent Records boss Matt Calvert, as Desolate Shrine continue to be a reliable

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Calling all die hard metalheads, this feature is for you!!! DARK DESCENT has just released a free 9 track sampler. Press play and let the destruction of everything around you begin!

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Hey metal bruthas! Al Necro here. Where it’s at? Boom-Boom-Pop. Where it’s at? Boom-Boom-Pop. Dark Descent Records, dudes. It’s been quite a banner year for Dark Descent. The latest in a fine slew of releases being Dire Omen’s Wrestling the Revelation Of Futility. Underground death metal fans should have heard

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Having birthed a decrepit gem with their demo recording back in 2012, this trio clearly didn’t clean up after themselves, as their debut full-length sounds as if the afterbirth formed into a gelatinous horror and proceeded to strangle its condemned twin in a murderous frenzy. Just when you thought the

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Dark Descent Records’ & Me Saco Un Ojo Records‘ latest import from Helsinki, Finland, is Swallowed, who are no strangers to underground death/doom fans that can’t get enough from Dark Descent Records’ brand of aural filth. Swallowed have released two quality demos as well as a self-titled EP that can be streamed

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