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I am always craving to discover something dark that affects me emotionally. I am always looking for a sound that has a vibe that makes me eerily intrigued with discomfort, because that is where I find comfort. I can spend hours, days in and days out, looking and looking and

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Suicidal Tendencies Growing up in Venice in the 80’s and embracing hardcore meant you most likely were down with Suicidal Tendencies. The extended family of this band was called The Suicidal Boyz – some people called us a gang, but I saw it more as a family. Ground zero for all of

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The CHAOS RAIDS U.S.A. Tour in is full effect, and tonight 1349, TOMBS and FULL OF HELL will be bringing their wrath to NYC! Since Tombs are in home territory, we wanted to share the second Chaos Raids USA Mixtape with you, a collection of their favourite tunes while on

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The majick of the twentieth century western world would never be the same after Dr. William Wynn Westcott and Samuel Macgregor Mathers in formed the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1888… and no, the  the Greek Nationalist Golden Dawn party has nothing to do with the real Golden Dawn.

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 2003 gave us Neurosis with Jarboe, the doomy Bay Area band’s collaboration with the vocalist best known for her time in Swans. Unfortunately, we never got to hear “Neurosis with Rozz Williams,” but Atriarch have delivered something that seems –  stunningly – as if it could fit that bill. Atriarch’s

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