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In part one of this series, we saw how the French Revolution not only toppled the monarchy, but greatly diminished the power of the Catholic Church in France as well. We also examined how Satan became the conquering hero of artists and writers following the revolution, as a figure spreading

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I don’t believe in demonic possession. I do believe in mental illness, and personally I think that demons are a convenient scapegoat for religion, taking the onus off the individual in cases of bad behaviour, or off of God in cases of actual illness of the mind. So I fall

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The Age of Enlightenment had yet to begin and it would be well over a century until revolution touched off in France. Ruled by a traditionalist monarchy and a corrupt state church, the country was still very much stuck in the dark ages throughout the Early Modern period. The Catholic

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Are you ready to watch the clergy have their skin flayed from their skulls? NUM SKULL is sharpening its knives, and this audio violence takes the form of their new release Ritually Abused, coming out via Relapse Records on September 16th. Check out our stream of “Murder By The Minister”

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Social Justice

We’ve already dealt with the major controversies in the Polish Catholic Church (Part 1 & Part 2), but what about the “little” things? They’re said to carry the most flavor, and that might just be the case with my dear, dear countrymen in robes. The devil lies in the details?

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CvltureSocial Justice

The man in the picture above is Father Tadeusz Rydzyk – the most powerful man in Poland, whose reign surpasses that of the President, Prime Minister and the entire Parliament. He is the leader of a vicious, power-hungry cult existing within Polish Catholicism, and the architect of what is now an

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