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We recently caught up with Carl Snyder of  the San Antonio based black thrashers Hod to discuss the creation of their newest slab of infectious vertebrae-crunching metal The Book of the Worm, along with the current state of black metal and the Texas metal scene. What stands out about Book

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AAAAARRGGHH! Necroholocaust scorch the surface of the earth and civilization with it with their debut full-length, Holocaustic Goat Metal. Add the Chris Moyen artwork (I believe it’s him. Correct me if I’m wrong), and every pop music fan dancing to Pharrell’s “Happy” song will stop stone-cold and start running for

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Dipping into the review bag for the next promo brings forth Hell’s Headbangers Records’ Abysmal Lord and their 12” MLP, Storms of Unholy Black Mass. Anyone familiar with HHR, will find Abysmal Lord quite fitting for the label, as Storms of Unholy Black Mass presents a whirlwind bestial black/death metal

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Welcome, metalheads! Bludgeon and hack, Al Necro’s back! This time we have a ghastly brew of blackened death metal insanity, courtesy of underground Chilean band, Siaskal, with their fiery EP, Jatenentolpen Thejin. Holy water won’t work on this hellacious beast. The album is comparable to the devil’s hyperactive lovechild with

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On their second full-length album, Louisiana black metal bruisers Barghest return with a huge fucking barrage of evil and destruction, with a pure and unmistakeable statement of complete filth and with a black metal craft that is so swollen with ruin, decay and inhumanity that it is possibly one of the best

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