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The marriage of black metal and atmospheric noise is nothing new. The two have been constant companions for quite some time, the volume of the bands employing the combination of genres increasing exponentially as the years move forward. With such a dizzying variety of bands practicing this form of art,

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Sacral Regicide, the debut offering from black metal titans Eigenlicht, was released early this May and praised by CVLT Nation shortly after. According to their Encyclopaedia Metallum page, they’ve only been a band since last year, but have lent their presence to some pretty notable live bills since and are

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This Bristol-birthed sludge fest has a fetish for atmosphere. You might say it borders on post-rock, but where post-rock yearns towards a transcendent beauty, Sonance wallow in the melancholy of their drone. It is a drone with movement and purpose, hypnotizing but not trying to put you to sleep. It

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Throwing the word occult around has become trite. It’s often used in association with artists who don’t know the Black Sun from the Golden Dawn. When an project like Norot writes an album that explores the serpent archetype and it’s relation to the gnosis, it’s fair to say the term

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As beautiful as Disemballerina‘s UNDERTAKER is, it is, at time, painful to listen to. Especially when one does a bit of digging and learns the macabre truth of this music. The first thing that piqued my interest when this album was brought to my attention was the unique artwork, which appears

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Black noise warlocks T.O.M.B. have been doling out the intense occult atmospherics for years now, and are showing no signs of letting up. They continue to bring the menace with the oppressive nightmare noise-scapes of their latest single ‘Abysmal Channeling’ off the forthcoming full-length album Fury Nocturnus, due out later

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