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Brian Uhl (@gentlemercies) interviews Glyn Smyth (@glynsmyth) Brian Uhl: You’ve mentioned being influenced by the likes of Jean Delville and Franz Von Stuck, both of whom exhibit elements of Romanticism which I also see glowing through your own art at times. A lot of figures in this style have the

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Brent from NIGHT DEMON interviews Hanno from MANTAR When and why did you guys start Mantar? Mantar is based in Hamburg, Germany. Even though we both were been born in Bremen, 60 miles away from Hamburg. Bremen is a cool city, been kinda famous in the mid 90s for the

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Avant Garde

Pick up the William Fowler Collins/Daniel Menche split here via SIGE Records. WFC: How did you find the Jean Paul text we used for inspiration for this split? DM: It all started by stumbling on this odd extract from the brilliant blog 50watts that is dedicated to amazing old book

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