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Last week, we premiered the new video from UK’s SUNWØLF for their track “In The Darkened River I Found The Silence Loom,” and this week we have a full stream of the album the track was taken from, Beholden To Nothing And No-One. This gorgeous album is the soundtrack to

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Black noise warlocks T.O.M.B. have been doling out the intense occult atmospherics for years now, and are showing no signs of letting up. They continue to bring the menace with the oppressive nightmare noise-scapes of their latest single ‘Abysmal Channeling’ off the forthcoming full-length album Fury Nocturnus, due out later

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Barren Harvest’s gorgeous dark neo-folk inflected music is deliciously beautiful. The affecting vocal of Jessica Way (Worm Ouroboros) complements Atriarch’s Lenny Smith’s post-punk influenced approach and the two make wonderful, simple constructions of sound breathe with the mournful soul of passing seasons. Subtle Cruelties is a record that drifts and

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Vindensång’s Alpha has been a long time coming with the band carefully perfecting and adjusting their second full-length and pushing back the release date on more than one occasion in order to completely lock down the sound. Due to be released in 2013, Alpha is a record that’s more than

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“For even as love crowns you, so shall she crucify you. Even as she is for your growth, so is she for your pruning. Even as she ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun, so shall she descend to your roots and shake

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Who is Crown of Cerberus? There’s little to say about the man known merely as M. Chami, the helmsman and architect behind this ambient/noise project, though you could probably decipher more information from his work with power electronics acts like Disgust and Koufar and thus patch together something of a

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