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I am at a complete loss for words. I can not humanly find a way to describe this guy’s music in a language that gives it justice. Simply put, Latvian and now Berlin-based electronic musician OYAARSS, makes some of the most mind-bending, shape-shifting, mood-sculpting and mind-blowing electronic music you will

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This album made me sink. I hit play and it immediately drugged and sedated me. It’s like a constant flow of morphine, endorphin and psychedelics blowing like a cosmic wind through every cell of your body and causing permanent changes in your consciousness and perception. Every note played, every whisper,

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You’re coming to play in Brazil next month with Syndrome. Will this be your first time in the country and  South America? And what are your expectations for the trip and the concerts? It won’t be the first time. Six months ago I took a holiday, visiting my good friend

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Der Blaue Reiter, or The Blue Rider, was originally the name of an group of artists whose membership was rejected by the Munich New Artist’s Association in Germany in the early 1900’s. The artists who formed The Blue Rider felt that the Association was too traditional and that their principals

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Wretched Excess, a self-described “hauntology” collective from Kansas City, Missouri, play dark ambient, but it is not the dark ambient popularized by mid-period Burzum and Lustmord. With Away From This World, Wretched Excess’ take on dark ambient is a unique beast, a creepy, death-fueled, romantic romp through the human mind and

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I was fortunate enough to find out about Blood Bright Star when they released their split album with High Aura’d (which you should also check out). It was obvious to me back then that this project of visual artist Reuben Sawyer was mesmerizing music. The blend of psychedelic influences, drone

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