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Dead To A Dying World is an epic-crust/black metal band based in Texas. 2018 saw the band release a re-imagination of their debut record, Reprise. We spoke to the band to get find out what led to this look into the past and what the future holds for them: Let’s start

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Text: Kim Kelly via VICE Last week, during one of Donald Trump’s trademark unruly rallies, he invoked the name of the right wing’s latest bogeyman: antifa, or “an-teee-fah,” to hear the president pronounce it. It’s a term that has been thrown around with increasing frequency these days, though even seasoned journalists

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At CVLT Nation, we hold very passionate anti-racist beliefs, and we are not afraid to share these beliefs with our community. What has been happening in the United States over the past several years – the continuation, and maybe even escalation, of a 300-year campaign of violence and suppression against

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We’ve already talked about this “all-star” melodic crust band called Anopheli. We were stoked as shit when they dropped their debut album on Halo of Flies Records and Alerta Antifascista just last year. Its rage, cohesiveness and sensitivity was at times puzzling, at times enveloping, at times mesmerizing. The screamo/proto-emo bursts of color that spot

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