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SYMPTOM Review + Full Stream

Some bands just know how to create a chaotic sound effortlessly, and Boston’s Symptom is no exception. Symptom’s seven song album is pure riot fuel that even features a Gauze cover as the last track.  Now, I can sit here and list off all the great bands this album reminds me of, but the truth is it’s truly original.  This is by far one of the most vicious-sounding bands I have punished my ears to in a long time.  Symptom puts all crust punk to shame by steamrolling everything in their path and the band’s noisy obnoxious style is one that I sincerely hope to see more of in the future.  This band is fucking gold, plain and simple.  If you bring someone home after a night out and they don’t like Symptom, DON’T FUCK THEM!!  If you hate your job and wanna go out in a blaze of glory, then this should be your goddamn soundtrack!  If your neighbor listens to Pearl Jam…well fuck that guy, he’s not worthy of Symptom to begin with.


Anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is that Symptom is the kind of band you go see when you want to have a punker good time and have something to talk about for months after the show.  Think of it in these terms: you can go to a legit venue/business (like House of Blues or some shit like that) for a show, pay too much for a PBR, deal with security, watch a band play in front of a barricade, and more than likely not get laid after the show.  Or, you can go to dirty house, storage unit, abandoned gas station, or local dive bar and see a band like Symptom where the energy will be high, there won’t be a barricade, the only drinks will be the ones you brought from home and there will be a good plethora of people you can put the moves on and try to get lucky.  If you ask me the decision is simple – go see/listen to Symptom, get laid, and kick your Pearl Jam-loving neighbor’s ass.



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