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Black Metal

Streaming GrimCVLT No. 2 Split
Side A: Barghest

CVLT Nation has another amazing GrimCVLT split cassette release in the works, this time an absolutely relentless audio assault from NOLA’s BARGHEST and California’s TEETH! We are so stoked on this release, and we’re happy to share some of it with you today via Noisey’s exclusive premiere of Side A: BARGHEST. The split cassette is up for pre-order now HERE and will be shipping out on October 6th, 2016. For now, read what our writer Joseph Collins says about Barghest’s side of the split, and stay tuned for our exclusive stream of TEETH’s masterpiece coming soon…

Barghest have emerged from the murky waters of the Mississippi River with the goal of unleashing strife and hate upon the landscape. These fours songs contain a caustic mix of early Black Metal tempered with the undying mentality and drive of Punk. With a growing reputation in tow, these Baton Rouge, LA natives look to further drive the stake of disdain and outright disgust for humanity into it’s heart. Rife with blast beats that act as a tornado of razor blades and vocals that peel the paint off walls, and accompanied by chaotic guitars that beckon one to step foot in their moss-covered, humidity-choked crypt.

Never ones to back down from a fight, Barghest conjure forth the sound of a caged, starving and tortured animal – one that snarls and snaps at any hand put in front of it. They are a maligned and shattered husk which craves only one thing: to see this world brought to it’s knees. Each track goes straight for the jugular with a ferocious, straightforward approach, devoid of any sentimentality or attempts at crafting something beautiful, further proving that this project gleefully walks down the path of damnation they explored on previous releases. On this split, Barghest are sure to leave even the most jaded and harrowed Thrasher with a inoperable case of tympanic membrane perforation.

Kim Kelly of Noisey says about Barghest:

Their continued take on black metal is hostile, virulent, and complex without sacrificing bullheaded intensity. Barghest is as indebted to the Ross Bay Cult as it is to any old Norwegian master, wallowing in pitiless black/death riffs, reveling in a filthy production and spit-shined melodies. After listening to this, all I can think about is how much I want to hear more.




Video by Chariot Of Black Moth



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