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Starvation of Locusts…2001 LEECHMILK Full Set

Why do I feel like my brain is sliding down into a river of rotting emotions and putrid sounds? Maybe it’s because Leechmilk is swimming in and out of my ears! This now defunct Atlanta band released a superdelic dose of blackened sludge called Starvation of Locusts in 2000. Leechmilk played grinding, filthy, grimy, depressing, angry, raw sludge and they give me the fix of hate I need. Leechmilk had the right amount of crusty punk venom and also pounded skulls with their heavy wall of doom. On the real, their vocalist was just filled with blackened conviction and delivered each word with the power of a death blow. I also really dig Leechmilk’s use of vocal samples – they only add to the deranged vibe. Leechmilk’s music gets into your veinsand gives your body a dose of slowed-down chaos that will shatter your spine. They were the bastard cousins of Buzzov-en and spoke to the generation of dirge. Every song on Starvation of Locusts is a murder sludge anthem. So if you want some blackened, happy filth in your life, find this record or enjoy this gnarly LEECHMILK full set from – 9/08/01 Oakland, CA. I hear there are some vinyl re-releases happening in the future ( via Divine Mother Recordings), plus you should check out Sons of Tonatiuh, who feature Dan Caycedo of  LEECHMILK!





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