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Death Rock

Spitting on The CROSS! Experience The Death Rock-Hardcore of FINAL GASP’s “Haunting Whisper”

I’ve got to get straight to the point: FINAL GASP’s Haunting Whisper is the Fucking BOMB. That being said, this record worships at the altar of Samhain and honestly, I’m not mad at them at all, because I can’t stop listening to this record that’s out now on Triple B Records. Yeah, they are inspired by the past, but on the real, they’re pushing this forward — Real Talk. Listening to songs like “Suicide” gives me chills. FINAL GASP bleeds passion and with each listen, I promise you’ll become more and more addicted to this band. While I’ve got you here I want y’all to also check out this killer live footage of FINAL GASP wrecking shop!

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