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High Quality & Stellar Design
SOVRN Skates New Decks!

Art & Skateboarding have gone hand in hand for a very long time. In recent history, the skate deck has been seen as a canvas for many different artists to express themselves on. I can not front, I have seen certain decks that I would never want to set up, but I would love to hang them on my wall. A new skateboard company from Los Angeles called SOVRN has a new line of decks that could work in an art gallery but also function as something to roll on the asphalt. Check out the decks now and imagine what you would do with them if they were yours? I look forward to seeing what SOVRN has to offer the world in the future!

Final Stag

Nemean Lion Final

SOVRN is a premiere skateboarding brand from Los Angeles, California.

The brand was created as a medium to incorporate high quality design and skateboarding. We want to introduce new ideas by working with talented artists and illustrators to lend a fresh perspective. Artists are given the freedom to shape each individual product. Because of this, each piece of art serves its own part in building this culture.

It is simply the evolution of skateboarding through the introduction of new ideas.

Two Step Final

wolf final

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