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Sonic Terrorism: PSEUDOCOMMANDO “A Home Beneath the Floorboards”

Before we delve into this madness with our ears, let’s try to unpack the concept behind this project as it may help better understand its horrific nature… Says Wikipedia:

“In forensic psychiatry, the term ‘pseudocommando’ has been used to describe mass murderers who commit premeditated murder-suicide mass killings driven by revenge fantasies, typically involving the stockpiling of weapons followed by a heavily armed commando-style attack. They typically see their actions through a narcissistic lens as being morally justified in revenge against their unfair treatment by an uncaring world, and wish to ‘go out in a blaze of glory’”. 

The Psychiatric Times of the Modern Medicine Network further elaborates:

The term “pseudocommando” was first used to describe the type of mass murderer who plans his actions “after long deliberation,” and who kills indiscriminately in public during the daytime. He comes prepared with a powerful arsenal of weapons and has no escape planned. […] The research on pseudocommandos suggests that they are driven by strong feelings of anger and resentment, in addition to having paranoid character traits. Dietz described these individuals as “collectors of injustice” who hold onto every perceived insult, amassing a pile of “evidence” that they have been grossly mistreated. To sustain the revenge “romance,” they must corral the unwanted, hated, or feared aspects of themselves. This collection is then re-assembled into the form of an “enemy” who “deserves” to be the target of a merciless, incendiary rage. […] Narcissistic, grandiose traits were present, along with heavy use of externalization. They held a generally disparaging view of others, which resulted in spending a great deal of time ruminating on past humiliations. The ruminations evolved into fantasies of violent revenge, to the point that the offenders seemed to “welcome death,” even perceiving it as bringing them “fame” with an aura of power.

If this doesn’t sound like a living nightmare I don’t know what does…. It almost seems as though the sociopath behind this (very harsh) noise project as gone great lengths to conceptualize and incarnate his sonic weapon as the very representation of terror, of actual terrorism. As a person disintegrating to complete delirium. As the embodiment of all chaos, of all horrors, and of all abominations, driven to complete and irrecuperable madness and ready to commit the unnameable as the greatest triumph of their life…

Pseudocommando is a debuting harsh noise/power electronics artist from Los Angeles, and his art can not be described in any other way than complete fucking musical terrorism. His debut album A Home Beneath the Floorboards was self-released last year on a limited home dubbed tape and sold out. Now Sentient Ruin has stepped up to re-release the tape, this time pro-dubbed and with added/enhanced artwork. While the risk of this absurd work going completely unnoticed, perhaps due to its own irrealistic and implausible nature, that didn’t happen. Instead of being banished from existence it’s back, it’s full staggering one hour of total blunt force trauma aural hell on full fucking display for everyone to just gasp at. Over the span of an hour on this absurd record Pseudocommando unleashes armageddon and crosses many thresholds, limits, and boundaries, many times, repeatedly, turning the whole thing into something frankly surreal, hard to grasp (or believe?), possibly incomprehensible, but nevertheless absolutely abominable. Tape reissue and digital downloads pre-ordeable from Sentient Ruin. Let it ruin your life.

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