Sonic Magic! Premiering: 2 New THE BLACK HEART REBELLION Songs!

Whenever I have a chance to hear anything new from THE BLACK HEART REBELLION it’s a good day because this band is so unreal. They are releasing two new songs from the upcoming soundtrack release ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’ that comes out on April 13th via Smoke & Dust. I must say, TBHR are teasing me, because I can’t wait until I can experience a new full length LP from them. In the meantime, get your awesome on and peep their new songs below!

Here is even more of the back story about this radical project from one of our favorite bands (The Black Heart Rebellion):

TBHR was approached by Belgian movie festival MOOOV(which specializes in world cinema) in collaboration with Cactus and Het Entrepot to record an alternative soundtrack to a movie. A Girl Walks Home Alone At night grabbed the attention of the band because of the juxtaposition as mentioned before: an Iranian director taking on a traditionally western Genre, and their long interest in eastern music styles and culture in general.

They are using the project as an exercise to break loose from traditional song structures and previous ideas and use completely fresh approach to the creation process. Because of the fact the actors are talking in Farsi, Pieter is using his vocals purely as an instrument and is singing in a made up language so not to distract/confuse the audience and make sure the soundtrack contributed to the overall vibe presented by the movie. The project is a logical step in the path of TBHR, as they’ve mentioned before that movies have been an important influence on previous records, and they see the albums as soundtracks to non-existant movies.







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