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Apocalyptic Blues

Sonic cinematic Free Expression! Listen to The Lovecraft Sextet ‘In Memoriam’

Life is many things and life is fluid. I know on a personal level, I do see images in the clouds, and I do hear my past, present, and future in nature. I love when I can hear music that allows my brain cells to experiment with each other. The Lovecraft Sextet’s new album In Memoriam comes out on Sept. 24th via Denovali (pre-order HERE).

What I love about this record is that every time I hear it, it makes me feel differently. The emotions I bring to the listening experience color how the music impacts my chakras. The power that you find in The Lovecraft Sextet music exists in the freedom that is at the foundation of their creativity! Today I would like to share with y’all In Memoriam in full below.

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