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Soaring Psychedelic Magnificence – NATE HALL Returns with UKTENA

Remember kraut/psych/space rock-metal marvels US Christmas? What happened to them? I don’t think anyone knows…. But what you all should know is that USX mastermind Nate Hall has now returned with UKTENA, a brand new, and just as staggering, psych rock project that brilliantly carries forth the USX torch! Just press play on the player below and listen for yourself…


Without spending too many words on something that really needs no introduction, just know that the soul of USX is alive and well in UKTENA, and that their debut album Our Path To Trouble has some of the greatest Hall/USX moments since USX’s Eat the Low Dogs that Neurot Recordings released nearly a decade ago: a single 20-min mind trip made of monumental psych rock constructions, soaring psychedelic magnificence, magnificent dirges of gold-dripped kraut rock, electric-guitars wailing across the plain of reality and disintegrating beyond the edge of existence, total lysergic, psychedelic BLISS like none other.  In essence, UKTENA’s debut CD is a psych-rock jewel that everyone should familiarize themselves with – available now through Hypershape Records.




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