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Sights Set On A Monster
Video Premiere: Dreamy D’s “Church”

Photo by Kevin Condon

On this so-called most romantic day of the year, we are excited to premiere the new video for “Church,” from North Carolina’s Dreamy D.

Existing somewhere in between Tom Waits, Mark Lanegan, Those Poor Bastards and the blackest corners of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, Dreamy D’s love songs are haunting, honest and perfect for both the forlorn and the infatuated. Dreamy D’s eerie ballads and heartache-filled tales, featuring members of Young And In The Way and Funeral Chic, blur the line between blues, dark folk and even, at times, doom.

“Lend me your love, then leave me alone. Descend from above and meet me below.”“Church,” from the 2017 record Hard Forever, is a immediately a story that will not end well. 

Says the band, “This is the very first Dreamy D song ever to be written. It’s about realizing much too late that you’ve been workin’ your ass off to please someone that just ain’t no good. Truth is you’ve been toiling for an idea that doesn’t even exist. You’ve had tunnel vision but you never even noticed that the thing in your sights is an absolute monster. It’s a horrible, humbling experience. Or so I’ve heard. I’m proud of the song and the video. Foolish ol’ Valentine’s seemed like the perfect day for its premiere. xoxo.”

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Filmed by Justin Smith and edited by Joshua Thomas, we invite you to sit back, light some candles and reflect on your love life (or lack thereof) with “Church.”  

[youtube id=”236WNXUZMKw”]


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