Sickness In: AKATHARSIA and URZEIT 10″ Split Now Streaming!

Well, shit then. THIS is happening soon. Two of the best “rabid” black metal/punk bands around these days – Oakland’s AKATHARSIA (current and past member of Fell Voices, Negative Standards, Lycus, Boar Worship etc.) and Portland’s URZEIT (past and present members of Hell, Ash Borer, Triumvir Foul, Cerebrate, Triumvir Foul, Servile Sect, Unholy Crucifix) have teamed up for a split to be released this fall. From what we can hear in the two sides streaming in full below, this split seems to be a pure fucking bloodbath of starvation-soaked and ultra emaciated and corroded black meta/punk awesomeness. A a 10″ LP is on the horizon, pre-order it now here!

akatharisa urzeit


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