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Death Metal

The Sickest Band You Will Hear Today! Premiering: MORIR s/t tape

Fuck off and Die All Weak Hearts!!! You are about to hear one of the raddest bands that you have never heard before: they go by the name of MORIR and hail from Oakland. Their self titled tape is one of the sickest demos I have heard all year and rocks harder than 100 viagra pills (you get the picture)! On the real, this band is able to blend Death Metal, Grind and the atmosphere of Deathrock like nothing I have ever heard! MORIR’s whole tape is unhinged and full of feral angst that bursts through the speakers. With each listen you will become more addicted to this band just the way I have – because they are that fucking good! I have a dream that some label head reading and hearing this will give this tape the vinyl treatment it fucking deserves!!! Make sure to share that fact that you know about MORIR with all of your friends and enemies that love HEAVY MUSIC! Compare them to no other – but MORIR should be ranked with the elite bands that are out right now REAL TALK!!! You can pick up their self-titled tape HERE!


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