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Death Rock

Sick Bugged Out Post- Punk!
Empty Rooms Review Stream Footage

Are you throwing a party in the near future?  Is the theme of your party something along the lines of “lets all sit in a dark room and be weird together?”  It is!!??  That’s great news, because I found the perfect band to play in that type of environment!!!!  Empty Rooms hail from Oakland, California and play an intense mix of deathrock, grunge, psychedelic and punk that will fit the background for many occasions, including (but not limited to): drinking alone, sex rituals in your parents’ basement, parties where all guests are sad, parties where all guests are happy, taking shrooms, vomiting up the shrooms, cleaning up the vomit, and of course playing low ceiling venues and basements.  The band’s most recent release is a six song EP that made its debut in January of 2013, and the group has played several gigs in the Bay Area since their demo came out in 2012.  From what I could gather by simply looking at the band’s facebook page, it seems as though they have not been active since their self-titled release in 2013.  Regardless of where the band is now, it is safe to say that Empty Rooms put out a handful of good tunes that match the backdrop for many occasions, and in all seriousness, if anyone reading this article has any info on the band’s recent activity, feel free to leave a comment.  Enjoy the live footage and link to their bandcamp below.


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