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A Sick to the BONE POWER-VIOLENCE Feature


I’ve always been a massive poweviolence fan. Skating, hardcore, grind, hip hop, graf, weird tv and movie samples was literally the audio soundtrack to my mind coming up. Here’s a couple ov new things by O.G. powerviolence headz.

DJ QUEST / GO LIKE THIS ‘Double Homicide’ 12″

Rad hardcore/powerviolence with some metal touches from GO LIKE THIS on their side. Featuring members ov Plutocracy/Agents Of Satan/Sheddwellaz and a million other brutal and gnarly bands, including the mighty Stinkweed R.I.P. You can’t go wrong with this, 5 trax ranging from chugging thrashcore to intense grind, great samples, dual vokilss and full on POWERVIOLENCE by some masters ov the genre.

The DJ QUEST (Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters/Space Travellers) side is drum machine, samples and some obviously amazing scratching. The scratching doesn’t overshadow the tunes though 3 trax one serious head nodder, one almost synthwave hop and a rad cut up ov hardcore/thrash riffs and scratches.

The whole thing comes with some great packaging, seriously brutal cover art. A red flexi with a MC STINKWEED (guitarist with GO LIKE THIS, Plutocracy, Sheddwellaz MC etc) and another DJ QUEST track and insert and downloads. Do yourself a favour and go cop this HERE for online US, UK HERE, EURO HERE or direct from Alimentary Music. Look out for a Plutocracy vinyl reissue from this label soon too…

Also out now is this rad 7″ split between Healer and DJ Eons Dank Goblins.

The Healer side is their first demo pressed on wax. 5 trax ov great metallic powerviolence no gaps held together with weird 60’s, disco and hip hop samples. A great full on rush ov WTF.

Dank Goblins (DJ Eons/aka Kung Fu Dan/Spazz/Sheddewllaz etc etc) takes the other side with some heavy hip hop beats, guitar, and hip hop samples and scratches. Its a bizarre but rad ride. Cop from Warthogspeak.




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Owner ov Clan Destine Records. Kvlt 4 Life

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