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ShoeGaze-Bliss emotional turbulence! Tap into SOUL BLIND’s Universe & Beyond

Nothing can get me down today, and I feel empowered to take on any self-doubt that comes my way! SOUL BLIND‘s new EP Third Chain makes me feel so good to be alive! I can’t front — this band is on some 90’s Grunge worship, but hell fucking yes, they get it right and bring something new to the party! Their song “Misplaced” is audio gold, which is why I can’t help but press replay. Real talk, this band has my brain cells saying, WOW, play me more! I know what makes them so special, it’s all of the passion that they pack into their songs. They also create killer breakdowns full Shoegaze Dirge Bliss. When you hear their song “Phantom Pool” and the dreamlike vocals and huge drums come in, you will become a fan for sure! SOUL BLIND proves you can look to the past to point yourself to the future! Respect due to Other People Records for releasing this killer band, and while you are here, check out all of the bliss happening below!

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