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Black Death

Experience the Feral Blackened Death Doom of SHEZMU “À Travers Les Lambeaux”

Unholy fuck, I’m in a rage because of all the white supremacy I’m dealing with! The new SHEZMU record À Travers Les Lambeaux is the perfect soundtrack for my feelings of disgust! This band is killing it on this new record like never before. Their sickening Blackened Death Doom riffs will grab you by the throat and never let go! SHEZMU is creating a killer death-fueled atmosphere on this record and I can’t get enough. I know that À Travers Les Lambeaux is end of the year list worthy, which is why we’re so excited to be able to share their title track song with you below. Respect due to Krucyator Productions for releasing sonic monster on July 27th. This is a message to SHEZMU – y’all rule for this ONE! Make sure to pre-order À Travers Les Lambeaux HERE!

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