See the Blasphemous Artwork of Eliran Kantor

Eliran Kantor is a wildly talented visionary painter who has a list of bands as long as my arm that he’s done album artwork for. And when you look at the depth of fear he is able to conjure with his brush strokes, it’s no wonder why so many metal musicians turn to him to flesh out their morbid fantasies. It’s as if Kantor’s brush is dipped in sheer terror, blended with lust and hunger, and swept across a canvas bathed in blood. He is based in Berlin, and his artwork has a timeless quality that would hang beautifully in any European gothic cathedral, warning sinners of their inevitable doom. I would love to see him illustrate a 21st Century edition of Dante’s Inferno, but his passion is clearly to be found in the underground amongst the unwashed head banging masses. Today I’ve collected a few of his works to excite, arouse and petrify you…

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