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See Spirit in the Room get scary at the Satellite

It is always a pleasure to see Spirit in the Room perform, because they always deliver. In my opinion, one of the most unique and self-contained bands in Los Angeles right now. And they delivered again during their show on June 27th at the Satellite, which was a part of the Dorito Fest 2018.

Their music is very distinct and raw. It blends elements of rock, industrial, and noise, giving their very own twist to this blend. You just know it is them when you hear it, because they don’t force their sound, it is genuine and passionate. From the weird samples they play, to more of the drum and bass moments, to grungy guitars, and even occasional screams. All these elements come together bringing enough variety to keep the listeners entertained and wondering what will happen next, yet they manage to never break their captivating hold, the moodiness, and the dark vibe of their music and performance.

What also strikes me about this band, is the visual aspect, it is very whole and complete, yet there are so many details to pick up on. The guys each have their own distinct style, with Dennis Sanders, singer and leader of the band, bringing class, style, and immeasurable amounts of attitude. His performance is always daring, charming, and intriguingly unpredictable. Darren Thomas, who handles bass and occasional guitar duties, always gives me that mysterious and somewhat distant, yet extremely calm and grounded vibe, and Kyle Nadeau, who plays lead guitar, has his very own special thing going on as well, bringing a rare combination of grace, elegance, and mystery to the table, accompanied by the atmospheric sounds his guitar makes. And together they create this unforgettable and special vibe, where you feel utterly immersed in a complete and dynamic experience, where the energy is so thick, the air becomes dense, yet, at any moment, you are free to switch your attention to any small detail, and marvel at how well it blends with the whole picture.

There are so many other small things to pick up on, like the fact that the logo of the band has crosses, and Dennis has that cross earring, the very thick microphone cable, the mini moog on stage, the beaten up guitars with stickers… And this particular show had the added visual help of a big projector screen right behind the guys, providing some extra imagery to support the feel and the mood of the moment. Somehow, it all seamlessly blends together and creates that unique image of what Spirit in the Room is. And it is raw, passionate, dark, almost scary, yet extremely alluring. Their show is not just another show, it is an experience, a captivating performance, which I advise for everyone to attend, because it will make you feel things… And leave you wanting for more.




Musician, photographer, writer, gamer, night walker... Originally from Moscow, Russia, but currently dwelling in the nights of Los Angeles, CA.

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