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See the Chaos that is the TOTAL ATTACK 8 Fest

Berzerker Boyz, ZK Photo

Total Attack this year was an absolute blast. Total Attack is Australia’s premiere underground punk and metal festival that over the years has stayed true to it’s DIY ethos. It is run by Richard and Isabella of NGM Records although there are no profits here… all proceeds from ticket sales go directly to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre – a vital service that helps provide services like lawyers and even sometimes shelter to refugees immigrating to Australia. You can donate and show your support here.

This year saw Rixe, Contaminated, Morte Lenta, Berzerker Boyz, Robber, The Nuclear Family, No Future, Unbound, Budd and countless more destroy the tropical city of Brisbane.


All photo’s are by ZK Photo.

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Cult movie collector, punk and hardcore fanatic. True crime obsessed. Lives in Australia.

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