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Hardcore Punk

Unreal Hardcore Punk Alert: Straight Up SALVAJE PUNK Will Push Your Wig Back!!!

Are ready to experience a HUGE can of viscous feral Hardcore Punk? Even if you ain’t ready fuck the dumb shit I’m turning y’all on to Salvaje Punk whose new self-titled album is out now on Toxic State Records is UN-FUCKING-REAL!!!! To say that I’m impressed with this record would be way more than an understatement. The songs that this band manifests put a battery in my back to never stop fighting for what I believe in.

Real talk, Salvaje Punk’s caustic anthems are infused with this metallic energy that is so fucking electric. Big tunes like “Vigilancia” make me want to jump out of my skin while running around the whole planet telling every human or alien about this band! Vocally they’re beyond the next level their chaotic wild passion bleeds through on every song. Musically this band has set the bar so HIGH that it’s almost too hard to put into words! Imagine if Godzilla decided to unite with DISORDER and GISM — the outcome might sound like Salvaje Punk. I will tell y’all that watching their full set from one of their New York shows only proves that this band is also uniting the tribes. So here is the deal — put on their song “Salvaje,” and after you listen to it, I know for a fact that Salvaje Punk will be one of your new favorite Hardcore Punk bands!

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