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Lurar ut dig pa Prarien
Review + Much More

Doom out of Sweden is almost always guaranteed to be fucking good, so why would the case be any different for Salem’s Pot? After two demo releases (Sweeden and Watch me Kill You/Run The Night), the band members gather all their strength and their mind-altering practices and let loose upon the world the psychedelic stoner/doom treat that is Lurar ut dig pa Prarien.

The trippy introduction to “Creep Purple” makes you feel dizzy and disoriented as the crazy effects hover over your head. The heavy riffs come soon after, and you can feel the presence of acts such as Electric Wizard in Salem’s Pot vision of a terrifying living doom nightmare. The insane bass and drums lead the way through their heavy rhythm as the fuzzy guitars paint the whole soundscape in psychedelic colors. The track is elevated when an almost carnival-esque disguise is chosen to further increase the insanity found in this album.


The cloudy dreams are here to stay, and when “Dr. Death” is introduced it feels like you are unable to breathe under the spell that Salem’s Pot has cast on your mind. And those fucking guitars surely do not help make things easier to swallow, especially during the solo and lead parts, you get that Jimi Hendrix on extra acid kind of vibe that really cuts through. To top all that, you have this thin, wailing voice punishing you without any remorse as you pass through the nightmare that Salem’s Pot has raised inside your head. And as the sheer weight of the guitars on “Nothing Hill” comes in to crush your very existence, you are just standing there in awe of the level of insanity that this band has reached.

With really cool, retro production to tie everything together nicely, Salem’s Pot is certainly taking things to a whole new level. I mean, just listen to the introduction of “Nothing Hill,” with its hazy fumes rising from the speakers, and you should be convinced that this band is truly offering excellent stoner/doom.

It is certain that as time passes, Salem’s Pot will keep working on their style and their music will evolve, but listen to Lurar ut dig pa Prarien again while keeping in mind that this is just a debut full-length album. It looks like the sky is the limit for these guys, right?


Label:Easyrider Records
Release Date April: 29th Purchase HERE & I-Tunes HERE!

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Sound engineer, sonic manipulator, record hunter and writer/contributor for a variety of webzines.

Relapse 10-4

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