Riot 4 Gaza!
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When it comes to watching the news, I think most of us would agree that it is a bunch of corporate lies. This is why you should check – one source of information I trust!


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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

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Alex Linden

Matej Pećar, you are so wrong on this issue, it’s hard to point out every single inconsistency in your arguments.

Matej Pećar

Israel will prevail once again, it’s a very good thing they are so decisive not to lose a single fight in the middle east for more than 50 years. Imagine if you have lived for you entire lives surrounded by 100% islamic population who wants you dead for the sole reason of being Jew. I don’t know if You suppot “rioting 4 Gaza” as a good thing CVLT Nation, but in case you do, you are just another leftist, neoliberal, extremist, faschist,uneducated anti-white, anti-democracy, anti-peace piece of shit. Every country and every nation has a right to defend itself. Israel… Read more »

Michael Zeman

Ok, I understand the relevance and necessity of alternative news sources, but while watching this (and appreciating the raw footage) I felt the excessive profanity lowered the level of professionalism, and the interview with Doug Gilbert, although informative, was encouraging knee jerk reaction rioting and violence in opposition to tyranny in a United States setting. But maybe something went over my head. Has anyone read Gilbert’s book? How many people here consider themselves anarchists? General thoughts on the reporting?

Tom Sclater

Fight, Hamas!*

Oli Iron

Fight hamas !