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Watch this New BAD BREEDING Video “Whose Cause?”

To say I feel honored to be sharing this new visual from BAD BREEDING  called “Whose Cause?” with you would be a HUGE understatement! This band means so much to me because they create intense, urgent peace punk that sounds so fresh but brings me back to my youth! When I listen to their new album Exiled  that comes out on June 21st, 2019 via One Little Indian Records and Iron Lung Records, I get fucking chills. BAD BREEDING’s songs punch me in the skull the same way blasting Rudimentary Peni’s Death Church did in the 80’s!  This record drips with pure passion and anger that is directed at those who want to exploit us. Below it’s time for you to check out their new video and recognize the true awesomeness of this band. With everything we having going on in this world, Exiled is exactly what we all need to be playing as LOUD as we can. Crass has been reincarnated in the 21st century and now they are BAD BREEDING! EU Pre-Order happening HERE! North America Pre-Order HERE!

5. Whose Cause?

Another timely scapegoat plastered on the cover
a portrait of mistrust to march you up the hill
Demonised faith, an all-too-familiar face
Whose truth to trust, who will twist the blade?
See they’ll simplify you and they’ll simplify me
to sanction a war on solidarity
Another barbed tool to facilitate
division through suspicion, fear and hate

And they’ll lead you down the path
to show you all that’s wrong
Milk you until the veil is pulled
… now it’s your turn 
So whose cause are you really bending for?

Another timely scapegoat plastered on the cover
Same monied lobby boys punching down
on easy targets, to dig out the weak
see you might find comfort in the chuckling heap
but who really wins when you recycle their shit?
Just because it fits, doesn’t mean it is
Rank nationalism, what really was it for?
A timeless con trick to keep you 
from scratching at their door

Art by Nicky Rat. Sound by Ben Greenberg. 
A record for the people.

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