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Mixed Media

RICHARD LAILLIER “Shadows have the light that doesn’t know how to illuminate”


“Shadows have the light that doesn’t know how to illuminate”

Dark, grotesque and French. There is something about those guys that make them the carriers of deep self-analysis that has an inbred philosophical view of the world wrapped in constant misery and self-beating. Each of the drawing sessions have rather exalted descriptions, which leave us wondering what exactly was said. I guess that’s the pure “art”; whatever that would mean in the modern world of “creative people,” where one needs to be so much in one’s own reality and misery, that only downgrading negativity would be able to make one understand the pain which is represented in the masterpieces of Richard Laillier. This view of things is rather empirical, but in the end, what is not? Topics like murder and violence are quite beautifully and truly represented in some of his performance acts, which are quite intriguing due to being so close to what a person can actually achieve within the darkest corners of one’s desire to go with the gruesome and destructive parts of our divinity.


Welcome to the world of Richard Laillier.

Visuel Alice 04

Serres d'Auteuil Patrick + Isabelle - test 02

1995 - 06 (12,5x12,5)

Le Syndrome de Cromwell




Stigmates - Le dernier portrait de Dorian Gray

Keep it Evil

Written By

ART OR DIE. Creative process is unstoppable, only desire to become who you want makes you whole. Join me in the pursuit of seemingly meaningless answer to the questions of eternal damnation encrypted and described in what I call and pronounce ART.

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