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Death Metal

Return of the Desert Dwellers: Arizona’s Hardcore

Pablo Vigueras

Throughout the year, Arizona’s heavy music output remains top tier, a choice assemblage of artists pushing hardcore, metal and all related sub-genres into refreshing, harsher territories. It can be said, with relative lack of argument, that all music scenes deserve their due, but there are those that are special, that may yet to have their time in the sun. Here in Arizona, the sun burns bright year round, so it is of little surprise that the scene here is uniquely furious and uncompromising. Last April, there was a veritable super show at Tucson’s Gary’s Place (may it enjoy its due rest) comprised of state heavies Gatecreeper and Sex Prisoner among several others, which turned into a night still fondly remembered by attendees. Here, nearly an exact year later, and Arizona hardcore, particularly in Tucson, is getting stronger and heavier.



March 10th saw the hulking Trench release their newest EP, Stone Soul, a vicious seven song course of metallic hardcore savagery. To celebrate its release on March 29th, comparable acts were called to arms: the spryly old school Get A Grip, the towering riff machine that is Chaos Ladder and the snarling, wrathful Minor Morals. Each act brought a uniqueness to their set, though each was met with an unbiased degree of enthusiasm. Fists were thrown in tandem with calculated breakdowns. Drinks raised to sweeping solos. Bodies flung against body in barbaric jollification and, when unimpeded, thrown from Club Congress’s stage. The bruises incurred are a reminder of this exceptional scene, which as victoriously declared by Minor Morals before the community’s eponymous flag that night: Arizona hardcore is hitting harder than all the rest.


The desert dwellers live.


All photos courtesy of Pablo Vigueras.


Chaos Ladder



Minor Morals


Get A Grip






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