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Shitting On The World…

Chicago’s Rectal Hygienics is the shit (no pun intended) and I fucking dig their damaged, filthy, art rock take on sludge! Check out what I said after hearing their 2012 record!

My ears are being violated and I just downed a big bowl of my own vomit…at least, this is how I feel after listening to RECTAL HYGIENICS Even the Flies Won’t Touch You. You can hear the drugs that when into created this damaged, fucked up music and I can not stop getting high off it! It seems like the vocalists huffed a giant bag of glue before he wrote the words. RECTAL HYGIENICS has the filth in their songs that I like rubbing into my open wounds, so that they get filled up with more pus that sprays everywhere. This is a band that I want to hear more from, because they just don’t give a fuck!

Now it’s 2016, and I’m still a huge fan – and so should you be! So the lesson today is to press play below and watch how Rectal Hygienics wreck shop when they perform. While you are at it, go back and peep their back catalog because it’s the kind of filth that sounds good to your ears! If Flipper, G.G. Allin and EYEHATEGOD had a threesome, Rectal Hygienics would be their offspring!


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