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REAL LIFE HORROR: The Christian Puppeteer who Planned to Kill and Eat Children

Ronald William Brown was a ventriloquist puppeteer on a television program called Joy Junction, a variety show on the Christian Television Network. In 2013, he received a 20-year sentence for child pornography charges, but the full story is much more disturbing.

I know when I was a kid, being around any clown or puppeteer just felt wrong. Why were these grown men hanging around, talking to themselves, and playing with children? Was it like Micheal Jackson, trying so hard to just be a kid again, or was it something much more sinister? Ronald Brown was the latter. 

Brown first got into trouble when boys’ underwear was found in his possession. However, he got off, claiming they were for his puppets.  Authorities allege they found pictures of decapitated children that had been bound and cooked on one of the men’s computers. Other lewd pictures of children engaged in bondage were allegedly found inside the man’s home in Largo, FL, following a raid on July 19. A missing child’s flyer was allegedly found inside the home.

One of the men in the heinous discussions is Michael D. Arnett, then 38 years old, who was accused of taking photographs of young boys with their private parts exposed. The boys were toddlers with clothes wrapped around their heads and their mouths gagged. One of the boys, who was around 1 or 2 years old, was in a roasting plan displayed in an open oven. Another child was in a roasting pan on the floor. Other sexually explicit photos of young boys were taken throughout Arnett’s home. Family members, including the mother of one of the alleged victims, said Arnett did not do anything untoward and that the roasting pan pictures were meant to be funny.

The conversations that Arnett and a Florida man repeatedly engaged in for months were quite sinister. The alleged conversations were salacious and violent. This included calling toddlers “piglets” and how best to cook them.

Brown and Arnett, along with 42 others, were netted in a child porn sting that spanned two continents and included perpetrators from every walk of life. Believe it or not, the worst part of the story isn’t that these individuals wanted to molest children. Instead, their online chat logs revealed a deep desire to murder, mutilate, and eat their corpses, too. Brown even had a particular victim in mind, a boy who attended his local church. The horrific level of detail in their plans is captured in the eerily benign nature of their back-and-forth dialog, attached is a transcript of their online dialogue.

The thousands of chat lines discussed how they would target children, kidnap them, abuse them before murdering and eating them.

In one of the chat rooms, Arnett asked how a child was doing.

“Sadly, he is doing well, I wish I had him tied and gagged in the closet.”

“He would make a fine Easter feast,” Arnett replies.

The two men then proceeded to discuss graphically how they would cook him and imagine his terror before dying. Brown asked Arnett to help him abduct and kill a child. “I think I could handle the snuff easy,” Brown wrote. “It would be the catch and butcher that would be hard.”

Brown told the authorities that he was just discussing his fantasies in chat rooms, but “he would never really do this.” Brown said that Arnett was “into the killing and cannibalism of children, specifically toddlers.”

“She made a sweet little oven roast,” Arnett wrote. “She was better off being eaten anyhow rather than growing up any longer as another trailer park brat.”

Arnett advised Brown to trawl trailer parks and low-income housing complexes because they are “great breeding grounds for even small ones who aren’t as well watched.”

Brown said that he helps out in the children’s area of the church he attends. Every Wednesday, several children from his neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods would come to his house for pizza before he gave them all a ride to a church in a van provided by the church.

Click on the link below. It’s the full report. There’s not much more I can say about this one, other than the world can be a fucking horrible place. 


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Cult movie collector, punk and hardcore fanatic. True crime obsessed. Lives in Australia.

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