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raw revenge // industrial-noise: Espectra Negra’s ritualistic soundscapes

Espectra Negra Tales of Chaos is a record that will expand your mind – taking it to a dark universe where your demons will have brunch with your daymares. What does this collection of songs sound like? I feel that each listener is going to take something different away after experiencing Tales of Chaos for themselves! Espectra Negra’s music conjures shamanic thoughts into truly otherworldly soundscapes. Our comrades INSTRUMENTS OF DISCIPLINE are releasing this record on Dec. 10th, but today we’re streaming it in full below! Follow the INSTRUMENTS OF DISCIPLINE instagram for more rad releases.

Tales Of Chaos is a complex amalgam of science-fiction, reflections from the void, Ballardian power-violence, poetic freedom and raw revenge. A collaboration with Nullam Rem Natam brings us the Shamanic track ‘Thysia’, which formed the soundtrack for their collaboration at Modern Bön Vorspiel CTM 2019, opening for the Russian project Phurpa. In the album closer, ‘Thus Sprach Zarathustra’, Espectra Negra honor’s Friedrich Nietszche’s God killer, reclaiming his philosophical legacy from Fascist misreadings.

Espectra Negra’s ritualistic practice, and high compositional talent have brought her to the front of the dark-ambient & industrial-noise scene in Europe. Her work is informed by acoustic and machine elements, dark and transgressive text and extreme vocals; drawing inspiration from Musique Concrète techniques and industrial pioneers such as Lustmord, Atrax Morge, SPK, Diamanda Galás & Coil; she has reached strong respect among a scene dominated mostly by male producers.

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